My Top Ten Trilogies

I’ve only included trilogies where I have read all three books and I’ve probably forgotten some, but I had to stop myself at 10. The cover images are of the versions that I own. I dithered for so long about the order of these, but I’ve finally settled on one – enjoy!

(1) The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

All three of these books make the list of my all time favourite books ever, with Cassandra Clare as my favourite ever author. The Infernal Devices Trilogy takes place in the shadowhunter world (of Cassandra Clare’s other series), but this time in Victorian England. It follows the story of Tessa Gray, a girl with a unique ability, who, after arriving alone in London, is rescued and protected by William Herondale, James Carstairs, and other members of the London Institute. The characters soon find themselves in the midst of a chaotic and dangerous battle, involving vampires, werewolves, demons, warlocks and an unstoppable clockwork army. This trilogy contains probably the most beautiful love triangle ever written, with a multitude of different characters, in thought provoking situations, this trilogy is definitely worth reading.

Favourite Book: Clockwork Princess (Book 3)

(2) The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown

Probably the best sci-fi series to ever exist. In a crazy, yet entirely believable world, which humans have managed to colonise Mars at the expense, it first appears, of their humanity. Darrow is a Red, the group at the bottom of society – but after a devastating death, Darrow’s life is changed forever. He embarks upon a journey to infiltrate those who control everything about his world – the Golds. After the gruelling process of physically transforming, Darrow must complete a series of harrowing tasks, which first includes killing another student, and then a more brutal  Hunger Games style fight between the newly decided houses. This trilogy makes no attempt to shy away from either the violence  of warfare and conquest, or the incredible relationships which are formed. Darrow is forced to re-evaluate his principles time and again, as he continually discovers more about the people he has been taught to hate. Refreshing, thrilling and unexpected, everything a ski-fi lover could ever dream of.

Favourite Book: All of Them!

(3) The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor

The thing that makes this trilogy so special is its originality. Karou is a seemingly normal art student, but she has been raised by four chimaera, including Brimstone, who cares for her as a daughter. Set initially in Prague, Karou travels all around the globe through special doors, collecting teeth for Brimstone – what he does with the she doesn’t know. When doors begin to become marked with burned hand prints, Karou is thrust into a world of not only chimaera, but angels also, when she must face the warriors Akiva, Liraz and Hazael. But the angels are not as they first appear, and Brimstone has not been entirely truthful. The wide variety of settings add to the incredible atmosphere of the story, and enable Laini Taylor to create an amazing world; with complex yet humorous characters, in a mysterious yet fascinating universe, she succeeds in creating a truly unique and captivating trilogy.

Favourite Book: Dreams of Gods and Monsters (Book 3)

(4) His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman

This is the trilogy which first inspired my love of reading, and will therefore always hold a special place in my heart. Philip Pullman also provides an original idea for this story, where every person is allied with an animal, known as their daemon – a part of their very existence. The story follows Lyra Belacqua, as she ventures to find her missing friend Roger, and discover the truth about the secret society known as the ‘Gobblers’. Lyra encounters many different people on her search, from the socialite Mrs Coulter, to the Gyptians on an Arctic expedition, to Serefina Pekkala a kind and generous witch. But without a doubt the most interesting companion Lyra meets is the the deposed royal heir and armoured bear, Iorek Byrnison. An exceptionally exciting and tantalising story, which is well worth reading – especially since the first book of a follow up series is due to be published in October 2017.

Favourite Book: The Northern Lights (Book 1)

(5) The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass

The Selection Trilogy is one of my favourites because it is both comforting and action packed. The easiest way to describe The Selection to someone who knows nothing about it is this: it’s like the Bachelor TV show, if the bachelor was the heir to the throne. For those who don’t know the Bachelor, I’ll explain – in order to choose who their son Prince Maxon should marry, Queen Amberly and King Clarkson host a selection, where one girl from each of the 35 provinces is invited to the palace to try and win the prince’s heart. The story is set in Illéa, the USA over 100 years in the future. In this futuristic America, not only is there a monarchy, but also a caste system where people are divided by wealth and profession – with One being the Royals, and Eight being the homeless. The story follows America Singer, a Five who is  convinced to enter the selection by her mother, despite thinking she is in love with some else. The Selection Trilogy has the comfort of a Disney princess story and the excitement of an action movie; with a strong-willed and feisty yet generous protagonist and an adorable prince, not to mention two separate groups of rebels, this trilogy is the perfect blend.

Favourite Book: The One (Book 3)

(6) Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy by Stephanie Perkins

Contemporaries in general aren’t my favourite, but everyone should read this trilogy. Set in beautiful locations, first in France and then America, it is such a charming and captivating story. The first book centres around Anna Oliphant, a would be film critic, who is sent to the School of America in Paris (SOAP for short), by her absent father. Here she meets a whole cast of characters, including,  her kindly dorm neighbour Meredith, the artist Josh and the handsome, alluring and charismatic Étienne St Clair. Anna soon becomes fast friends with them all and trials and tribulations ensue. The second and third books focus on Anna and Étienne’s friends, Lola and Cricket, and Josh and Isla, in equally absorbing and engaging stories. You know immediately how you want these stories to end, and every single one is a beautiful romance.

Favourite Book: Isla and the Happily Ever After (Book 3)

(7) The Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I’ll admit, I was drawn in by the beautiful covers, but I stayed for the beautiful story. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen, until this point complete strangers, find themselves alone on a mystery planet, after the failure of their spaceship the ‘Icarus’ (they should have seen that coming). The key to their returning home is inextricably linked to LaRoux Industries, a corrupt organisation of which Lilac‘s father is the leader. Appearing at first to be a rich, socialite, snob, there is much more to Lilac than first meets the eye – especially now that she can hear mysterious whispers following her on this new planet. Tarver is vital to helping her discover the truth, but first she will need to win over his sarcastic and critical mind. This is a sci-fi romance like no other, with each book adding ever more dynamic characters and interesting new worlds.

Favourite Book: Their Fractured Light (Book 3)

(8) The Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahereh Mafi

Many YA novels tell the story of kids with special powers, but the Shatter Me Trilogy really stands out. Juliette’s touch is fatal – more of a curse than a power, and in the beginning of the story she has been locked away in an asylum, as a means of forcibly avoiding human contact. However, after a time she is given a cellmate, who goes of the name of Adam Kent. When the new government, known as the Reestablishment and under the command of Warner, comes for Juliette, she is thrown into a world which seems even worse than her asylum prison, and forced to make decisions that no-one should ever face. Tahereh Mafi’s trilogy will confuse your heart, excite your mind and ignite a passion.

Favourite Book: Unravel Me (Book 2)

(9) The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

The Grisha Trilogy, and the world which Leigh Bardugo has created is entirely consuming and therefore excellent, complete with even its own unique language. In this world there are three kinds of powers a person can posses – control over the body, control over the elements, and control over materials. For years there was only one exception to this rule: the Darkling – whose power is much as his name suggests – that is until Alina arrives. Alina is the opposite of the Darkling, and has the power, it seems, to create light. Drawn into the hunt for the magical white stag of Morozova’s Herd, its antlers serving as the most powerful amplifier of Grisha powers to ever exist, Alina must aid those trying to find the stag – whilst simultaneously ensuring that the amplifier does not end up in the wrong hands. Leigh Bardugo’s trilogy is immersive and enthralling, and definitely worth adding to your collection.

Favourite Book: Shadow and Bone (Book 1)

(10) The Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu

The Legend Trilogy is a wonderful imagining of a futuristic USA, and one which is becoming more likely by the day (though not yet this extreme), where the government uses the poor as  test subjects for their biological weapons and execute those who fail The Trial, as a means of dealing with overpopulation.. The books follow two characters, whose stories soon become forever linked. Day is only fifteen years old but already the Republic’s most wanted criminal, and the prime suspect in the murder of Metias IparisJune is Metias’ younger sister, and prodigy of the Republic, determined to enact revenge for her brother’s murder, June sets herself the difficult task of tracking Day and bringing him to justice. Needles to say, all is not as it seems, politics has never been simple. Marie Lu, perfectly captures the story of resistance fighters, and unsung heroes.

Favourite Book: Prodigy (Book 2)

Honourable Mentions: The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica RothThe Mara Dyer Trilogy by Michelle Hodkin The Precious Stone Trilogy by Kerstin Gier

Not all of these books are perfect, but I’m deliberately focusing on the positives. I hope that this gives some useful information and insight into what I enjoy reading, and what others might too.

Thanks for reading, Elsie x


6 thoughts on “My Top Ten Trilogies

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  1. This is such a cool post!!! I literally squealed when I read the last 3 series because they’re literally my all time favourites! 😂😂
    Shatter Me is my #1 forever! I am just so in love with the characters and Tahereh’s writing! And the Grishaverse is just soooo cool, I love the whole world Leigh created and the characters are just awesome 😀 And Legend just gives me allllll the feels!


  2. I honestly only looked at the books covers and read the series name you had and didn’t read the names of the individual books for the His Dark Materials series! Turns out I do know what it is. Well the first book anyway haha. I own the book for The Golden Compass and I saw the movie ages ago haha. 😂 should have read the titles haha. I’ve never read the book and didn’t even know it was apart of a series.


  3. Grisha Trilogy is a great choice! I hesitate to say this because its by no means comparable to the books, but as movie adaptations go, the one the The Northern Lights (the first book in His Dark Materials) is not awful. It’s called the Golden Compass and has been made into more of a children’s/teens movie, but worth watching if you want a flavour of what the books will be like.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Every single one of these series except His Dark Materials trilogy is on my TBR, just haven’t got to them yet! 😩 I had never heard of His Dark Materials so thats why its not on my TBR haha. But after reading your post I might add it haha. I have read Anna and the French Kiss, but haven’t got to the rest of the series yet. I’m not a huge contemporary reader, so thats why I haven’t continued it.

    Out of all of these the Grisha trilogy is probably the one I will pick up first as I own the first book already!

    Awesome post and list!

    Liked by 1 person

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